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Below is our full Reservation Contract and Attestation of Health
These will be sent to you in PDF format after you contact us regarding a reservation

Tethered Hearts Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Reservation and Purchase Contract


*Please note that breedings are not final until pregnancy is confirmed. We will make every effort to communicate any changes to reservations holders immediately*

**Kidding dates are approximate and may change**

Please fill out the below reservation and purchase contract. Contract must be filled out and returned with reservation deposit within one week of being notified of the kid’s birth and availability.


Reservation Information and Payment Requirements

I _________________________________________________ (buyer) would like to reserve a Doe / Buck (circle one) from the breeding of _____________________________(dam) x __________________________(sire). Reservation deposits are free until the kid arrives; once the kid arrives a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the purchase price is required within 7 days to hold the kid. The remaining 50% of the purchase price is due at 8 weeks of age, if full payment is not received by the time the kid is 8 weeks old the kid will become available to the next reservation holder and you will forfeit your deposit. Payments may be made through paypal @ (please choose the friends/family option) or by cashier’s check or money order only. Payments sent by mail must be post marked within 7 days of being notified of the kid’s birth and availability and final payments must be postmarked by the time the kid reaches 8 weeks old or your reservation and previous deposits will be forfeited. We reserve the right to retain any kid born regardless of reservations.

Transportation and CVI

Transportation of kids to their new homes is the responsibility of the purchaser. All transportation fees and vet fees (Certificate of Veterinary Inspection) are the responsibility of the purchaser. If hiring a professional transporter CVI’s are mandatory and will be done within 20 days of the scheduled pickup. A buyer picking up their own animal privately may choose to have an optional CVI done on their animal prior to pick up. If the buyer chooses this option, the CVI will be performed within 20 days prior to the scheduled pickup date. Buyer is responsible for compliance with any import requirements for their home/destination state including permit numbers. 2023 CVI’s will be an additional charge of $135.00 and must be paid for in full before the inspection is performed. We will not transport kids via air.  We do everything in our power to provide healthy animals (CVI’s are welcome at the purchaser’s expense) however, we are not responsible for animal health once the transporter or buyer takes possession of the animal. Bucks must leave our farm by 10 weeks old and does at 12 weeks old.

Please choose one by initialing:

 I will be personally picking up my animal and I wish to   elect / reject   (circle one) the optional CVI and $135.00 charge ___________________(initial)


I will be hiring a professional transport for my animal and accept the mandatory CVI and $135.00 charge ___________________(initial)


Vaccination, Coccidia/Worm Prevention and Weaning

We are a closed, disease tested, holistic farm and we do not vaccinate. Vaccination is the responsibility of the buyer.  All kids receive coccidia prevention with Baycox every 3 weeks.  We do not deworm unless there is reason to do so and a fecal sample confirms a worm load. All kids are dam raised and well socialized. We put effort into making sure our kids are healthy, happy and friendly. We will wean buck kids at 9 weeks old or at time of pickup and doe kids are dam weaned or weaned at time of pickup

Buyer's Initials ______________________


Placement Requirements, Disbudding/Banding and Height Disclosure

We do not castrate. Castration of any unregistered buck purchased to be a wethered companion for one of our doe kids is the buyers responsibility. We will only sell an unregistered buck kid WITH one of our doe kids with the understanding that the buck kid will be castrated.   All intact kids will be tattooed, disbudded and come with their registration papers. We do our absolute best to disbud successfully but we do not guarantee a kid will not develop scurs as they get older.  We do not guarantee bucks will not grow over height.


Placement Refusal, Refund Policy and Purchase Prices

We pride ourselves in outstanding service, honesty and integrity and we expect our buyers to behave in the same way. If we feel at any point that the life of our sale goat is in jeopardy or that a home is unsuitable for them in any way we reserve the right to refuse a sale for any reason, at any time and to any person and will promptly refund any paid deposits.

2023 Purchase Price:

Does: $450


Unregistered Bucklings: $100 (only sold if going together with a  registered buck/doe kid, must be castrated by buyer)


Buyer Signature: ___________________________________________________


Attestation to Animal Health


I __________________________________(buyer/transporter) attest that the animal received from Tethered Hearts Homestead and the owners thereof, as described below, appears to be in good health. I accept that transporting animals has inherent risks and I agree to not hold the seller liable for health concerns that occur after I have taken possession of said animal. I agree that the animal described below appears to have clear eyes, has no noticeable abnormal, milky, colored or profuse nasal discharge, breathing appears normal and not labored, animal does not appear to have a persistent or worrisome cough, has no signs of diarrhea and has a healthy coat with no signs of mites or lice. By taking possession of the animal I agree that the animal is in acceptable condition.


Animal Description:

Tattoo #___________________________________________

Registration # ______________________________________

Animal description: ___________________________________

Doe/ Buck: ____________________________

Time/Date Buyer took possession of animal: __________________________________


Buyer or Transporter Signature:____________________________________________


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