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Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Almar Acres Doe Rae Mi

DOB: 4/22/22


Sire: Dragonfly APT Aramus *B 

Dam: Almar Acres Lucky Penny 5*M


SS: Dragonfly RY Apache Tears *B

SD: Ceasar's Villa BB Rebel Yell *S 



DS: Violet's Acre BA School's Out *B

DD: GCH Castle Rock Fire N Spice 4*M

Bred to TUA Farms PK Finders Keepers *B for June 2023 kids. Reservations CLOSED

2023 FF- Buck/Doe Twins


A Bit About Dodie

Dodie is showing so much promise. She is wide and long and has a lovely udder arch, strong medial, nicely blended foreudder and a buttery soft udder texture with large teat orifices making her extremely easy to milk. Udder pictures shown are her first freshening where she easily produced 2 lbs of milk on a 12 hour separation from her kids. She kidded buck/doe twins her first time with zero assistance, an ode to her width. Dodie proved to be an attentive mother who needed no help from her human counterparts. Dodie missed her 2023 LA session due to not freshening on time, however she will be appraised in 2024 if our area is covered.


Dodie's sire Dragonfly APT Aramus *B adds quality front end assemblies to his kids and her dam Almar Acres Lucky Penny 5*M is an impressive doe producing 870lbs of milk as a first freshener on mostly once-a-day milking. Penny has very nice attachments, udder shape and teat size/placement and capacity. She scored a VEEE90 in 2022 as a 2YO2F


Dodie's doe kid "Tethered Hearts FK Finders Fee" or "Phoebe" for short is retained and will be making her appearance on our website soon.

dodie 2023 ff -2.jpg

Dodie's Heritage


Dodie's Sire: Dragonfly APT Aramus *B

Dodie's Dam: Almar Acres Lucky Penny 5*M

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