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Welcome to the Homestead! We are a small breeder of quality Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats located near beautiful Coeur D' Alene, Idaho. 

We are striving to produce structurally correct, healthy and productive Nigerian Dwarfs. Our foundation goats are above average producers with strong steady lactation curves and solid dairy genetics. We are active ADGA members and will be enrolled in DHIA in 2024 and we currently participate in LA. We are working to produce quality dairy goats for the show ring or home dairy. We are a young herd and we take breeding with a purpose seriously. This is why we chose to make the investment and purchase foundation stock with the best genetics and characteristics for successful future generations.

We are holistically minded and only use traditional treatments when absolutely necessary. We believe in good husbandry, clean living conditions, exceptional care and attention to detail. When you buy a goat from us, yes, you will be getting good solid genetics, but you will also be getting a goat that has had hours of attention put into it. Our aim is for kids to be well socialized, healthy and full of energy. All of our animals are well groomed, mineral sufficient, shiny and in overall fantastic health. Our pastures are clean and kempt, our stalls are mucked daily, and our feeding routine minimizes waste and lowers worm exposure. We use other animals to help us keep pest pressure and feed waste down. We employee the use of chickens, Muscovy Ducks, Indian Runner Ducks, donkeys, horses and llamas.

We operate a completely closed herd, test annually for disease and take biosecurity seriously. As a holistic, closed, performance herd we do not vaccinate and we do not castrate. Vaccination and castration are the buyers responsibility. We believe in "breed the best and eat the rest" and that means that our extra or non breeding quality animals go to the freezer. We do NOT ship to auction houses or sales barns, we utilize these animals for our own sustenance and that of our naturally raw fed dogs.




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